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Dedicated To Finding You New Customers In Under 30 Days

Leveraging years of expertise in digital marketing, from boosting organic traffic through SEO strategies to engaging video content and effective social media campaigns, our digital marketing agency in Clearwater, FL offers a holistic approach that can enhance your online presence now.

Site Leaper LLC is a top-rated digital marketing firm in Clearwater that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes increase their online presence and drive valuable website traffic. We understand the dynamic landscape of the digital world and how challenging it can be for businesses to stay abreast with the latest SEO and digital marketing techniques. That's where we step in. Our team is deeply committed to ensuring businesses like yours harness the full potential of modern online strategies, driving not just traffic but quality leads to your digital doorstep.

Site Leaper is LLC, your premier digital advertising agency in Clearwater, FL, that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes reach their target audience and drive conversions through strategic digital marketing techniques. But our efforts don't just end at driving traffic. We employ targeted strategies designed to attract, engage, and convert your audience, optimizing your ROI without draining your resources. Trust us to amplify your online visibility and customer acquisition, so you can remain focused on what you do best - running your business. Site Leaper, LLC offers premier digital marketing services in Clearwater, specializing in SEO, PPC, social media management, and content creation to enhance your online presence.

Our Promise To You

Small Business Digital Marketing Agency in Clearwater, Florida

Navigating the vast digital landscape in search of your target customers can be a daunting task. While potential customers are abundant online, pinpointing the most effective strategies to connect with them is the real challenge.

If you're on the lookout for a seasoned digital agency in Clearwater that specialises in SEO and online customer acquisition, you're in the right place. Our team boasts years of experience and a track record of propelling businesses towards exponential growth.

Our agency was founded with the vision to empower businesses like yours, elevating them to new digital heights. We shoulder the responsibility of drawing in a fresh stream of potential customers, allowing you to channel your energies into perfecting your business offerings.

Our Services



Drive more ready-to-buy traffic to your website. Find your dream clients online with our proprietary traffic strategies.

Customer Retargeting

Capture 100% of your website visitors after they’ve left your site. Reach them when they’re ready to buy to 10X your marketing!

Reputation Marketing

Get stellar reviews and blow away your competition. We’ll teach you to market your 5-Star status to dominate your market.

Websites That Convert 

Attract your ideal customers and make them convert. We design stunning websites that turn your visitors into new customers.

Social Media Management

Grab the attention of your customers and find new prospects easily with our cutting edge social media marketing strategies.



Turn the names on your email list into money in the bank. Highly targeted email campaigns can return up to 40X what they cost.



We create some of the highest-converting videos in the industry, from reputation videos to expert interviews to online offers.



Get high-quality leads for your team every day. We’ll do the hard work to deliver the contacts you need to grow your business.

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Get Your FREE Social Media Cover To Convert More Customers

For a limited time we will give you access to our professional design team that will create a
for you.

Targeted Paid Traffic Strategies

Site Leaper LLC offers advertising services in Clearwater, FL. We create strategic campaigns to elevate your brand, specializing in social media marketing, SEO optimization, and creative design for maximum impact.

🎉 "Imagine having visitors flooding to your site, all set and eager to make a purchase! That's exactly what we're here for.

We'll pinpoint the ideal keywords and zoom in on your target customers with such precision that the traffic we drive doesn't just visit—they convert!

And guess what?

We'll supercharge your advertising campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, and beyond, ensuring that every single cent you invest works its hardest for you.

Internet Marketing Services in Clearwater, FL
Small Business Marketing Agency in Clearwater, Florida

Get Stunning Websites That Convert 

Your website shouldn’t just sit there looking pretty—it should be your hardest-working salesperson! Just a sleek design?

That won't cut it!

We craft visually breathtaking, mobile-optimized websites that don’t just load at lightning speed and rank high, but they also turn curious visitors into loyal customers.

Want to outshine and outperform your competition? Let's turbocharge your online presence!

Professional Video Widget For Your Website

Greet every website customer visitor with an automated video welcome that can book appointments, capture leads and drive more sales.

Just record a personal video message that will appear in a friendly attention grabbing bubble. You only have one chance to make a great impression.


Digital Marketing Agency in Clearwater, Florida

Our Proprietary 10X Retargeting Strategy

Stay in front of your web visitors and continue to market to them LONG AFTER they have left your page.

Our proprietary 10X retargeting strategy puts you in front of your customers when they’re ready to buy, whether that’s today, tomorrow, or three weeks from now.

The 5-Star Reputation Marketing Strategy 

Bry Your Competition With An Online Reputation That Steals New Customers.
90% of people regularly use online reviews to make shopping decisions. You need to give customers a reason to choose you over your competitors.

We’ll help you get more reviews, manage the bad ones, and market your 5-star reputation to send customers flocking to your door.

Digital Marketing Services in Clearwater
Advertising Agency in Clearwater, FL

Superior Social Media Strategies

Site Leaper LLC offers expert internet marketing services in Clearwater, FL. Our professionals utilize the latest strategies and techniques to boost your online presence and drive traffic to your website.

Connect with your ideal customer 24/7 on their computer or smartphone with attention-grabbing social media posts.

Our proven social media strategies can help you attract new customers, engage your current ones and be sure your business stays on your customers’ minds.

Effort-Free Lead Generation

Our proprietary conversion strategies can deliver warm leads for your business each and every day.

Don’t pay for expensive conversion funnels, no new websites or landing pages. Just pay per lead and we’ll deliver the new customers you need to help grow your business.

Digital Marketing Agency in Clearwater, Florida

Video Marketing Done For You

Video Increases Landing Page conversion rates by up to 80%.  Use Attention-grabbing videos to convert new visitors into customers in minutes.

Our State-Of-The-Art video strategies engage, educate and CONVERT your customers through your website, social media, VLOGs and more!

Marketing Automation That Works 24/7

Put your growth on auto-pilot with high-converting sales funnels that drive your business 24-hours a day.

Our step-by-step marketing automation strategies automate your messaging to help you get up to 200-300% more sales. Grow your business without working harder.

Digital Marketing Services in Clearwater


112% Higher Conversions

Don’t Fall For These Marketing Myths:

You need a ton of website traffic for marketing to be effective.

As few as 100 visitors to your website could give you all the customers you can handle. You don’t need thousands of monthly visitors to grow. You need strategies like retargeting, high-converting websites, and irresistible video offers that help convert your traffic into paying customers quickly and easily.

A great-looking website will increase my sales.

96% OF YOUR VISITORS DON’T CONTACT YOU OR PURCHASE. A professional looking website won’t explode your sales on its own. Your website must be designed to convert. Better storytelling, irresistible offers, and a 5-star reputation can turn a “good-looking” website into a sales-converting machine.

My business is too small for marketing automation.

Almost ANY BUSINESS can benefit from strategies that get the best offer in front of the right customer at the perfect moment. Advances in technology mean that the high-efficiency precision of automated marketing isn’t just for giant corporations anymore. Let us show you how it could help grow your sales by up to 300%!

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Lisa H.

Happy to give a thumbs up for Site Leaper.  Little video testimonial on their behalf.  



Website setup and PPC right now.  I am hoping to scale over the next few years with the help from Site Leaper. 



As an Insurance Agency, I have strict compliance agendas.  I appreciate the attention to detials and expereince.


Meet Our Incredible Team

Passionate And Driven Marketing Professionals

Joey Z.

Joey Z.

As the owner of Site Leaper, my passion lies in helping businesses harness the power of digital marketing to achieve their goals and drive growth. It is my responsibility to lead the company, ensure the delivery of exceptional services, foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, and drive the achievement of our revenue targets.

Marina A.

Marina A.

My passion is in crafting strategic marketing campaigns that effectively communicate our value proposition and drive business growth for our clients. My responsibility is to oversee the development and execution of marketing strategies, drive lead generation efforts, analyze campaign performance, and continuously optimize our marketing efforts to achieve our revenue goals.

Caroline B

Caroline B

I pride myself on delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring client satisfaction throughout their journey with our company. It is my responsibility to lead a dedicated team, provide timely and effective support, address client concerns, and continuously improve our customer support processes to foster long-term relationships and exceed customer expectations.

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